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Auto-Dosed Detergents

Stanland has over 1,000 Auto-dosed Detergent sites throughout the UK. The majority of sites are on-premise laundries and commercial kitchens. Customers include nursing homes, factories, hotels, football clubs (including England and Manchester United FC) and other sporting clubs.

The combination of high quality products and superb customer service has resulted in massive expansion of the Stanland Detergent Division in recent years. Stanland is able to offer auto-dosed detergents throughout the UK, servicing customers from its two distribution hubs in Teesside and Birmingham.

The Division’s core product range is detergents, conditioners, de-stainers and bacterial washes. In addition, a recent new development includes rinse additives that kill 100% of MRSA and similar infections.

The Division installs tailor made auto-dosed systems for use with commercial washers and dishwashers in order to optimise the detergent usage for each application. Regular three-monthly service checks ensure the system continues to deliver the optimum dosage.

Through its own team of delivery drivers, detergents are delivered to the point of use, empty containers removed and regular checks made on the equipment to ensure the best possible service.