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AF Range

Primus, the well known brand of commercial laundry equipment, marketed in the UK as Lavamac, has brought out a new range of washer/extractors. These washers have a number of unique energy efficient features including:

  • Drum- redesigned to aid water extraction and limit fabric damage
  • Drain valve- the new design reduces water consumption by 10%
  • Wash quality- significantly improved.
  • Overall efficiency-Primus claim the new FX range is more efficient than the previous range.

The full range of washers were recently installed at Stanland’s in house contract laundry; Sarah Sainty, manager of the laundry, says “the new washers not only clean better than the older washers, but I hardly use the dryers as the linen comes out of the washers so dry. I think the machines are excellent and are saving me and my staff a lot of time in processing our laundry”.

The Cascade ™ drum is the key to the Primus Eco³ wash technology. The shape of the drum holes provides an extra mechanical action that results in an even better washing result.